One major Mainland East Coast reviewer has said:
"Jip is a retired army officer and also retired newspaperman. He's been taking pictures since 1940 when he was given his first camera.
"He started shooting nudes in the early seventies but quit, he says, "when Hustler magazine changed the face of things". He got back into it during the nineties when he discovered the internet-based market for less explicit nudes.
"The essence of Jip's work is showcasing the incredible and exotic beauty of Hawaii's girls amidst the unparalleled beauty of the islands' gorgeous environment. It's about beauty, nature, and having fun he says. It's also paramount for Jip that he captures a model's personality and her energy, so his sessions are typically quite fluid and dynamic.
"His website, Island Girls, was once described by another reviewer as 'a casual, happy place to visit' and that's just how he likes it."
Another review said: "Located in Hawaii, Jip Pruden is a longtime photographer who has exploded onto the glamour scene in recent years. He (has) a spectacular sense of style and composition. His website is a gorgeous reservoir of his glamour nudes . . . We highly recommend this publication."
J.C. Gilbert
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